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About Us - a reliable production service partner

­Based in the Danish capital, Copenhagen, Le Grand Danois offers an extensive production service to aid your film video or still production within the Scandinavian region. Established in 2007, we are one of the oldest production service companies in Denmark, giving us the advantage of knowing the region better than any other.  We always offer a professional service living up to the highest standard in media production industry, despite the size of the project, from a small corporate interview or a huge commercial production or large scale feature films..


We assist in all areas of Film, Video and Still Photo production from TV commercials and corporate films as well as still photography and fashion shoots to feature films and TV documentaries and series.

We assist with everything from simple Fixer service to location scouting and management, permit and contract negotiations, equipment and crew hire, transport and logistic and large scale budgeting.


If you’re looking for a Pan-Scandinavian or Pan-European production solution, we can help you due to our wide network and partnerships in Europe.


A combination of professionalism, efficient crew, and a fast response time on applications regarding state permissions, make Denmark the perfect location for your next production.

Meet the founder

Christian Ryge
Christian Ryge

Service Producer / Owner

Christian Ryge was born in 1974 in Odense, Denmark. In 1995 he educated from The Copenhagen Business School with special in Logistic before he joined Torm Tankers. While working in the shipping industry, he was involved in opening and running several large restaurants and venues in Copenhagen, before he joined the Danish film industry in 2000

Christian has mainly worked in the advertising business with numerous huge productions on his résumé. He has also been involved in several feature films, as well as many large scale fashion and advertorial still shoots for international clients both in Denmark and abroad.
Besides producing in Scandinavia, Christian has over a long period had great experience in shooting abroad for Danish clients, which have given him a great experience in how the servicing industry works from a client’s perspective.
From 2007 Christian founded Le grand Danois as a service company in the Scandinavian 

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